This page lists the features that IridiumSkyblock has.
Note: If you would like to suggest more features, please leave a suggestion in our discord server!

Main Features

These features are included in every IridiumSkyblock installation.
Every Skyblock server has to have a balanced economy - it's just good business. Here are the features that IridiumSkyblock offers to help server owners do just that.
Note: While IridiumSkyblock has these features, they will have issues if you do not have an economy provider. You can use any economy plugin you wish, as long as it supports Vault.

Island Bank

The Island Bank lets Island Members deposit and withdraw currency and experience, and allows all members to access it.


Island Crystals (name configurable) are a unique currency specific to IridiumSkyblock that are used as high-tier currency. They can be earned by doing Island Missions.

Island Shop

IridiumSkyblock comes bundled with its own shop integration, and allows servers to charge crystals for certain items if they choose to do so.

Island Members

Players can invite others to become residents of their islands, and they will receive the benefits of any island-wide boosters, have access to the island bank, complete that island's missions, and be subject to the permissions that the Island Owner sets for them.

Island Trust

Players can trust other players to perform actions on their islands, including building and killing enemies. However, that player will not have access to the island bank or complete missions for that island.

Member Permissions

The Island Owner has the ability to set and change the permissions for each of their island members. They can also set whether their island can be visited, and kick/ban players from their island.
IridiumSkyblock's custom generators override vanilla behavior and allow you to configure exactly what the generator spawns, as well as how frequently and on what tier these spawns happen on.


The cobblestone generator is a type of block generator that creates an endless supply of cobblestone when used. It can only be used in the Overworld.


The basalt generator is a type of block generator that creates an endless supply of basalt when used. It can only be used in the Nether.
Players can upgrade their islands to receive better bonuses and improve their experience. These upgrades are configurable, and you can determine exactly how large their islands are, what blocks are limited on those islands, and more.
Boosters are a special type of temporary upgrade that provides bonuses for a short period of time. Players must buy them from the boosters menu, and you get to set the price and what options are available to them.


Players can complete a rotating selection of daily missions to earn money, experience, and crystals to use in the shop, on upgrades, and on boosters. IridiumSkyblock randomly picks from the list of daily missions and presents them at midnight for players to complete.


These missions are only complete-able a single time, and are intended to give players greater rewards for their accomplishment. Unlike daily missions, these can be viewed and completed at any time.

Climate Change isn't Free

Players can change what their island's biome is, and you can set the price for each biome change.

Dimension Specific

Players can choose biomes based on the dimension they're in.
Unlike other plugins, IridiumSkyblock allows players to have a total of three different islands, each with their own unique characteristics. You can also disable this feature and restrict Skyblock to only the Overworld.


This is where players will begin their skyblock journey. Players can build cobblestone generators and strengthen their resources until they're ready to take the next step, or just hang out with friends while they stare off into the void sunset.


After traveling to the Nether, players will find a schematic of your choosing and an entire new region to build in, expanding their territory and allowing a Survival-esque type of progression. This dimension allows the building of the Basalt Generator.

The End

Once players are able to reach the end, they will unlock yet another schematic of your choosing and more territory. You can use your schematic to provide them with a reward, and give them a pat on the back for the hard work they've put in to get here.

Extended Features

These features are provided by the plugins that we support to improve the IridiumSkyblock experience.
IridiumSkyblock has certain features that are not available in the base plugin. These features are usable with plugins we support, which you can find here.


Mobs can be stacked up and count towards missions.


Blocks can be stacked up and count towards Island Value.